SABM - Services

Services Provided by SABM Education NZ

  • Management Consultancy

    SABM advises and manages the international division, foreign university and its course programs. Services will help in setting up a management structure, affiliation and sanctioning of international universities, institutions, courses, introducing quality control measures, enrollment of students for international courses, help in recruiting foreign International faculties, help in implementing IT system etc for the international courses.

  • Establishment and management of international academic city where universities and institutions from Western, European and Asian countries are established under one roof. Students get the option to choose the universities and courses of study which can be completed in the same international academic city and do not have to move to a different country to complete the programme. It helps students to achieve quality education with international standards in their home country.
  • Provides multinational foreign faculties with international standards and exposure to improve the quality of education.
  • Help with marketing and enrolment of students for international courses and foreign universities.
  • E learning, online programmes, continuing education, project assistance, student and faculty exchange etc with different foreign universities.
  • SABM Education New Zealand also organizes and manage different international education meet with participation from different universities and delegates from Western European and Asian countries, international seminars and global education conferences for ministry of education, governments, private colleges and education group worldwide.
  • Facilitates meetings of ministerial and government delegation for academic and educational collaboration from government to government in different countries.

With a skill shortage across various sectors in the New Zealand labour market, skilled graduates are in high demand in New Zealand. Students with high competencies and wishing to stay in New Zealand may apply for a Skilled Migrant Visa which would allow them to live and work in New Zealand. The 2011 Global Peace Index ranked New Zealand as the world's second most peaceful nation (Source: Institute for Economics& Peace). New Zealand demonstrates political stability and social tolerance. New Zealand has high professional standards, a supportive learning environment and a focus on student welfare. The New Zealand Code of Practice for the Care of International Students sets out the minimum standards for the welfare and support of international students during their studies in New Zealand.

Australian qualifications and institutions are recognised globally for their high quality and excellence in academics. Graduates from Australia are very successful in finding jobs and hold prominent positions worldwide. Furthermore, they are readily accepted for further studies at leading international universities.