SABM - Courses

SABM Education New Zealand provide complete solution for the internationalisation of universities and colleges including medical , dental, engineering and arts and science colleges , and language Schools, in govt , private and public sectors worldwide with different university and institutional collaboration from western - European countries especially from Australia and New Zealand. We provide quality and trustworthy service to universities and academic institutions to attain best possible academic service and standards. In the competitive environment we fecilitate excellent educational options to the universities and institutions to operate and manage their international division and programmes . We set the academic goals for the aspiring students to choose the best educational and job opportunities abroad especially in Australia and New Zeland - New Zealand.

SABM started its journey as a tertiary education provider under the chairmanship of M K MOHAMMED SHABEER Who is a New Zealand based medical scientist and educationalist and passionate about internationalisation and globalisation of higher education . The great support , network and advice from experienced chancellors of the universities , well known educationalists -Academicians and ministers of Education from western- Asian countries made it easy and faster for SABM chairman to go further with innovative steps in higher education . Current focus of SABM education New Zealand is to upgrade the quality and stan dards of educational institutions worldwide through internationalisation and also by working with different Governments in the area.